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d+a Issue No. 098

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d+a Issue No. 098

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Evolution is happening faster than we speak. Artificial intelligence is replacing the way we think. In this issue, we celebrate the paradoxes and quirks of colours and arts. The idiosyncrasies of clashing ideas while eccentric people continue their eccentric things. The designs are not just colourful but imaginative and provoking. They leave you thinking. Simply look at Jaime Hayon, the maestro of psychedelic playful designs and smiling objects. His interpretations keep the design scene ever-excited. Nobody knows what’s in his mind. But one thing is for sure; we put him right in PRIME where he speaks exclusively of his latest hospitality project in his homeland, Hotel Barceló Torre de Madrid. We believe that the new era of designers are redefining spaces and how they work. WeWork Weihai Lu for instance, is far from looking like a co-working space. It is about adding the extra edge using colours and other design elements into an old heritage building; turning the building into a fancy place for networking, communication and creative forages. Closer to home, Patricia Urquiola energetic vibrancy is felt at Oasia Downtown Hotel. Conceived by WOHA, we dissect the first red skyscraper in Singapore one module at a time to understand the unique structure in the city’s skyline. Over in Kuala Lumpur, we speak to the ‘Queen of Patterns’, Lisette Scheers about her design ethos, her future plans and her first interior design project, Delicious. Soon enough, we’d realise that we are rebels of design. But in all honesty, why not?

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