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d+a - Annual 2018 "The White Book"

Key Editions Pte Ltd

d+a - Annual 2018 "The White Book"

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The perfect harmony of colours comes in a form of pure white swatch. Fundamentally, everything ‘design’ starts with a dot or a line. It starts on a blank page or a piece of white canvas. As architects and designers pen down their ideas on a piece of paper, the journey to amazing things begin. Designing in white can be a reciprocal situation. It can either be minimalistic chic or considered an unfinished design. But in all honesty, white designs have an unapologetic quality to it. You either like it or you don't! And for centuries, the white-effect has a certain charm that has captivated a huge audience in almost every aspects of life. In this issue, we explore some of the most exciting white buildings and spaces that have made a strong impression across the globe. In all of its whiteness, white can be found in public spaces, religious buildings, schools, hospitality projects and homes. From Zaha Hadid Architect's Port House in Antwerp to Fuksas's Cloud, and Hotel Mono by Spacedge Designs to City of the Sun by Studio Labics, we've curated an expressive collection of architecture and design to inspire you with shapes, tectonics and variety. Enjoy!

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